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Old changelog (not updated since 1.0.0)


  • Fix villages sometimes digging too aggressively into land
  • Change clothing color of villagers
  • "Drain the swamp" achievement now recognizes any swamp dirt
  • Placing villages now requires new "maphack" privilege
  • Add basic protection support
  • Mobs now have breath and drown instead of taking direct water damage
  • Animals that spawn in villages are tamed
  • Mobs don't despawn near players
  • Add sound for placing blocks


  • Most mobs now take damage from blocks
  • Change graphite ore texture
  • New mob damage particle
  • More things get dug instantly in Creative Mode
  • Add 3 shears: steel shears, carbon steel shears, bronze shears (+ jeweled variants)
  • Shears can now dig leaves and other plant-like blocks
  • Trading: Make chest cheaper
  • Trimming cotton with shears now adds wear
  • Various minor text changes here and there


  • Villagers: Add carpenter profession
  • Villagers: Re-balance trades a bit
  • Villagers: Add a number of new messages, commenting on the stuff you carry
  • Villagers now group-attack
  • Tweak stuff in village chests
  • Generate locked chests in villages
  • Limit number of music players per village to 1
  • Fade in/out weather sounds; don't play rain sound underwater
  • Remove unused snowstorm weather
  • Save weather status when quitting game
  • Fix mob punch sound not always played
  • New sounds: Skunk, jewelling, placing/taking water, lockpicking, hungry
  • Improve mob sounds
  • Jewelling: Fix "range" bonus not working
  • Complete overhaul of achievements: Remove all "grindy" achievements, change requirements for existing achievements to be more specific, add new achievements
  • Locked chests: Display "cracked" state in info text
  • Locked chests can now be ownerless
  • Lockpicks no longer try to pick already cracked chests
  • Improve the quality of ambient sounds a bit, add swamp ambience at night
  • Make trader form less confusing
  • Torches and music players drop as items when flooded
  • Make lasso texture look more dry


  • Fix achievements screen sometimes not properly updated
  • Fix weird attachment behaviour of apples
  • Fix crafting menu selection sometimes annoyingly jumping around after craft
  • Hand can no longer dig stone and other “hard” blocks


  • Game renamed from “Pixture Revival” to “Repixture”


  • Fix crashes related to mobs
  • Fix dropped items refusing to fall when block below is dug
  • Fix buggy HP bars above player heads
  • Make wielditem functional again
  • Clarify license information
  • Add screenshot


  • Jewels generate again
  • Increase hand range in Creative Mode
  • Dry grass, music player, saplings and farming plants are now floodable
  • Villages: Don't place lanterns in dead-end roads
  • Make villager spawning more reliable


  • Fix another crash in villages mod
  • Sneaking now protects you from falling down edge of blocks
  • Grass clumps will now spread slowly
  • Clams will appear slowly at sand and gravel beaches
  • Swamp grass clump now can be used to craft fiber (1:1)


  • Fix crash when farming plants tries to grow in rain
  • Fix undiggable slabs
  • Villages no longer aggressively cut into trees or terrain
  • Few minor village structure improvements and fixes
  • Fix villagers spawning on same spot
  • Fix farming plants not growing under certain circumstances
  • Fix fertilizer acting incorrectly on various types of dirt
  • Fix some grass covers not disappearing when covered
  • Dirt grows a dry grass cover in dry biomes (instead of normal grass cover)
  • Swamp dirt grows a swamp grass cover in swamp biomes
  • Dry dirt now has an unique appearance


  • Fix mobs failing to die when drowning
  • Clams no longer drop pearls



  • Village land generation improvements
  • Minor improvements to a few village structures
  • Dying mobs now make sounds
  • Add descriptions for all important settings
  • Expose more settings in the settings menu
  • Turn dirt with grass to dirt below slabs and stairs
  • Oak trees now generate


  • Clean up achievements descriptions
  • More items are kept when placed in Creative Mode
  • Disabling TNT no longer removes TNT from the game, instead it replaces it with defused TNT
  • Removed mods: pm, player_list
  • Show message when trying to spawn hostile mob when it's disabled
  • Prevent sleep if not enough space
  • Kick player out of bed when re-joining
  • Restrict villages to grasslands


  • Disable some achievements when they are unobtainable due to settings
  • Fix crash in player_skins mod
  • Fix invalid water bucket stacks sometimes appearing in village chests
  • Fix furnace/chest facing the wrong way in forge house
  • Fix overlapping dirt path slab
  • Fix broken achievements: place seeds, place lumien crystals, kill mobs
  • Fix mobs never dropping anything
  • Fix inventory menu not updating when changing skin via chat command



  • Rename game to Pixture Revival


  • Game now works on Minetest 5.0.0
  • Game no longer works in earlier Minetest versions
  • Rework the terribly inconvenient crafting system
    • Show only the possible crafts by default
    • Add button to show all possible crafts again
    • Group slots will be highlighted
    • Item tooltips appear instantly
  • Removed a lot of cruft:
    • fixlight command (is now part of Minetest)
    • uberspeed command (instead, default fast speed is made faster)
    • player_skin privilege (needlessly complicated)
    • Forced teleportation when reaching 30000m (an ugly hack)
    • Welcome message and a ton of other chat spam (just annoying)
  • Disable v6 mapgen
  • Make statbars larger
  • Rename some items
  • Replace TNT sounds
  • Limit text length in books and signs
  • Improve slab and stair textures
  • More unique item images to help keeping items apart


  • Fix crash when using lockpick in air
  • Fix bed being destroyed when placed in invalid place
  • Prevent going to bed while moving
  • Fix bucket spawning another bucket when using
  • Fix lockpick trying to pick everything
  • Fix duplicate achievement name
  • Fix incorrect trades
  • Fix rocks floating on water in wasteland
  • Remove server settings in settingtypes.txt that caused a lot of conflicts
  • Fix floating thistle after being flooded
  • Fix fertilizer sometimes destroying blocks
  • Make some objects non-pointable when it doesn't make sense to point them


  • Add creative inventory and support for Creative Mode
  • Shift-click in inventories moves items fast
  • Map item enables minimap when carried, the old unfinished map window is gone
  • Show wielded item above hotbar
  • Villagers now talk when right-clicked
  • Villagers refuse to trade when on low health or hostile
  • More slabs/stairs: bronze, wrought iron, carbon steel
  • Add German translation


  • Replace tree and some farming plant ABMs with node timers (existing growables will be reset to the same growing time a newly planted growable would be)
  • Patch crafting to work with Minetest 0.4.16
  • Modify backend code to use some new API syntax introduced with Minetest 0.4.16


  • First stable release of Pixture, works with Minetest 0.4.15