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A cli program written in Perl to watch the TDT.


A demo video of the program


In order of this program to do something is absolutelly required the mpv program.

How to install

Clone this repository and cd into the new directory.

Install the program using cpan:

cpan .

If you get errors because missing libraries you should install the headers libs of openssl and the openssl command-line utils, this is distro specific.

If you get prompted by questions press intro to use the defaults and run: (Supposing your are using bash.)

. ~/.bashrc
echo $PERL5LIB

If you don't get an output that looks like


Run perl -I${HOME}/perl5/lib/ -Mlocal::lib to see what enviroment variables you will have to set in your .profile, .shellrc or whatever file your shell sources.

Once you have a working local::lib you will be able to run:

It should get you into a new command line that looks like:

tdtcli ~>

Now type help to get further instructions of usage.


In order to get advanced editing in TDTCli including auto-completion you will have to install Term::ReadLine::Gnu you can do that using:

cpan Term::ReadLine::Gnu

If you get errors related to missing libraries then you will have to install the headers for ncurses and readline, this is distro specific.