The "Friendly Drowned" addon, as known as "My Drowned Love", an MCPE addon focusing on the modification of the Drowned mob. (License TBA)
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- The birth version for this addon

Before using this addon for any purposes:
   - You must run this addon on a separate MCPE instance, which is always disconnected from the internet (must also allow local-only (192.168.x.x) connections for multiplayer to work), due to the telemetry in MCPE sending information about the addon for Mojang devs to patch the breeding part

Upcoming roadmap:

- Support for gitea-releases


- My friend / ( / ) for contributions to this repo

Update from acknowledged contributor (Disclaimer: Before reading, we understand that Mojang has to ban the features in later versions due to its possible offensive references, so do not expect this addon to be worked on):

- UPDATE 2023/10/30: The patch is also confirmed in version We will find an old version for you to downgrade to as a workaround, while we are working to fix it.

- UPDATE 2023/10/29: The patch was found in an older version (, we will plan to test it on the latest version.

- NEW INFO 2023/10/28: It has reached our attention that one of our features has been patched out by Mojang developers - specifically the breeding between the drowned and the player, meaning that feature won't work anymore. Don't fret - we will find a workaround for it. Stay tuned on our accounts for future information.

Suggestions? PM us on Mastodon from your favorite federated platform: and